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The Fayette/Raleigh Metropolitan Planning Organization (FRMPO) was organized in 2012, pursuant to federal requirements, upon the release of 2010 U.S. Census data designating parts of Fayette and Raleigh counties combined as an urbanized area.  Its responsibility is to provide a coordinated, cooperative, and comprehensive approach to transportation planning for an area that encompasses all of Fayette and Raleigh counties.


As a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) funded by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration, FRMPO is a promoter of development, collaboration, and cooperation on issues that have more than just a local impact. Providing and coordinating regional planning services is the main focus of the Fayette/Raleigh MPO; however, the organization also stands to provide information, facts, and quantitative research in order to help local officials make informed and efficient decisions. 

Our Philosophy

In a rapidly changing and unpredictable world, individuals and organizations need assistance in guiding their actions in order for the decisions and outcomes to be fair, well spoken for, and effecient. FRMPO will serve to inform and assist committee members and local residents in having a strong sense of purpose when it comes to executing decisions in the Fayette/Raleigh Metropolitan Area.  

Our History

Although Fayette/Raleigh Metropolitan Planning Organization is a newly formed association, the two counties that it anchors have a long history of strong leadership and succesful growth within the state of West Virginia. More historical information on Raleigh and Fayette Counties can be found on official webpages.  

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