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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a standing sub-committee of the FRM.
This Committee considers items such as, but not limited to, short and long range transportation plans, corridor studies, multimodal transportation plans, unified planning work programs, grant applications, transportation improvement programs and other matters of relevance.  The TAC then makes recommendation to FRM's Policy Board regarding how to proceed.  The Policy Board makes the final binding decision.
The TAC's membership is not restrictive, as a wide range of agencies can contribute valuable resources and insight during the planning process. Currently the TAC is comprised of representatives of the following:
Beckley/Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce (Ellen Taylor, President)
Beckley/Raleigh County Transportation Authority (Bill Baker, Vice-Chairman)
Fayette/Raleigh Metropolitan Planning Organization (John Tuggle, Executive Director)
New River Gorge Regional Development Authority (Jina Belcher, Executive Director)
New River Gorge Trail Alliance (Bill Wells, President)
New River Transit Authority (Andy Austin, Director)
Oak Hill Sanitary Board (Barney Stinnett, Board Member)
Raleigh County Airport Authority (Robert Runion, Manager)
Raleigh County Commission (Detlef Ulfers, County Engineer)
West Virginia DOH District 9 (Steve Cole, District Engineer)
West Virginia DOH District 10 (Thomas Camden, District Manager)
West Virginia DOH (Brian Carr, Planning Division)
West Virginia DOH (Kevin Sullivan) 
West Virginia DOPT (Bill Robinson, Director)
West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program (Donnie Hale, Site Manager)
West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program (Dan Williams, Site Manager)
West Virginia University Institute of Technology (Rob Moyer, Director of Facilities)
John Tuggle, Chairman 
Jason Roberts, Vice-Chairman

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